I wish lower division (Bronze-Gold) players had at least some sense of macro and map awareness

Let me start this off by saying that I don't consider myself as this superior player in a division "I don't belong in". Now, with that out of the way, let me get to what I wanted to talk about. One of the most crucial factors that ends games in my division (Gold) is poor macro play and overall bad map awareness. Which has multiple layers to it as some might know. It expands beyond just looking at your mini map, it's about understanding what you see on the mini map and translating that into good decision making. Seeing how champions are moving around the map gives you a good indicator where you can get advantages, where there's high risk and where risk doesn't exist in terms of making plays. I personally learned a lot about map movements, lane swapping and overall macro decisions by watching the LCS. It's incredible how much you can pick up if you're actually paying attention to what's going on beyond the "oooooh, BjergerKing's playing Yasuo, he's gonna meme on some people". I started to notice how they moved, when they backed, where they warded and most of all seeing patterns. Let me elaborate on that one. By patterns I mean understanding that if the enemy champion is having a specific amount of control over the lane, you know how much you can gain from that lane. I don't understand matchups in detail, but I have learned by watching professional players, how to gain map pressure and understanding if the enemy team has more map control or not. Another thing is noticing windows of opportunity and acting on them. Most people don't understand that reacting immediately to a Baron call made by someone instead of 4-5 seconds later pretty much completely changes the outcome. In those 4-5 seconds just your own contribution to Baron damage, in this case can turn the outcome to your favour quite greatly. What I've noticed with people that I play with in my division is that very few actually have a sense for noticing things like that and acting close to properly or knowing that something is an advantage at all. And of course, once things aren't executed properly and things go the enemy team's way, your team tilts a bit harder, blood starts to boil and everyone starts to point fingers at someone else on the team. So yeah, I know it's something that most likely will never happen for this division, since divisions are designed to separate players with different skill levels and my division is not the best for expecting good map awareness and understanding windows of opportunity. That's just how the cookie crumbles I guess. Just my 2 cents on the matter.
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