Punishment deserved?

Got chat restricted for this. Game 1 Erbík: hey swain Erbík: wanan go mid vs vlad? Erbík: he can harass me and I should be fine against shen Erbík: alrigh Erbík: or if they swap xD Erbík: shen is inting lol Erbík: ok %%%% this shen Erbík: hes freezing and if I try to farm fid ganks Erbík: %%%% now he shoved Erbík: he has ult care Erbík: ??? Erbík: are you inting? Erbík: ????? Erbík: ok Erbík: I havent landed a single tornado on shen yet Erbík: what is wrong with me Erbík: o Erbík: I am bad Erbík: but shen is sooooo bad Erbík: shen Erbík: just uninstall Erbík: I am playing horribly Erbík: but still beating you Erbík: I am not Erbík: what gave you the idea that I am? Erbík: fid Erbík: reporting doesnt help Erbík: one report equals 9 Erbík: jut report yourself Erbík: dont ask us to Erbík: WHY ARE YOU FIGHTING ME Erbík: WOW Erbík: WOOOW :D Erbík: braum Erbík: 9x is same as y our 1 report Erbík: dont ask us to report Erbík: you are spaming Erbík: report that report that Erbík: ITS USELESS TO WRITE THAT Erbík: ok you are reported too Erbík: you are the one crying tho Erbík: THERE IS NO POINT Erbík: FOR US TO REPORT Erbík: IF YOU REPORT Erbík: DONT ASK US TO Erbík: fid shut the %%%% up Erbík: I NEVER called myself pro Erbík: why am I even talking to you kids Erbík: its not like you will grow some sense into your tiny heads and understand Erbík: for what? Erbík: logic? Erbík: I am not a mad child like you Erbík: who cries the moment something wrong goes Erbík: Pretty sure you harased me and shen way more Erbík: than I harased you by caling you a kid Erbík: exacly Erbík: finaly someone smart Erbík: yes vlad Erbík: cause you never fed in any of your games Erbík: eve Erbík: ever Erbík: bg The uninstal was meant for an enemy intentional feeder (I wasnt sure he was inting at first, he would go and fight me every time he saw me resulting in his constant deaths.) Most of this game I was just telling enemy flamers to stop flaming. Is that punishable? And are they punished???? They did tell me to get cancer after all -_-
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