banned after being unbanned for 14 days?

okay well basically, my account had a 14 day suspension, which is fair enough, shit happens. but basically, i had been reported for saying things like game 1. My alistar would flash in and engage 2v1, in the middle of bot lane, when im still at turret. he would die and rage at me, for only me to turn around and say it was his own fault..? but in a different manner, obviously.. it wasnt once he done this, but it was more than once i told him how stupid he was.( im going by the text i was given when i got suspended.) Game 2. My lee sin would be taking stupid objectives, i would tell him to roam enemy junglers camps bot if he was ganking top, and again when jgl is bot to take his top side, etc. i basically said to him "not flaming mate, but you need to roam their jgl if u see them top" but when you're in silver and you get some dog people on your team, barein mind they had a jayce 17-0 within 10 minutes. our mid and jgler was brilliant at assisting him. but because of my "kind words" to try help them, im the one getting reported. i just wish i could have taken screenshots in the lobby after, they were racial, abusive, everything u can think of. not putting blame on others, but when its legit not my fault, it is quite a piss take. i know this wouldnt change anything, but when you spend over £1500 on a game when the community is so toxic, its probably my own fault for doing so. Not saying i'm 100% innocent, if you're being flamed at and you're supp is utter dog, then im sorry but i have to say something, but not in a meanful way, but in a way that i hope he doesnt do his mistake again, and that he learns from it. yet people take things to heart so easily. I'm asking if there is any GM, who can have a double check for me because i honestly think this decision is wrong, and stupid with the fact my acc has only just been lifted.
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