Will I be able to get my daily play rewards after the 14 day ban?

So I had a really shitty day. My phone completely broke and I am gonna have to buy a new one. My ISP is having techincal difficulties so my ping is shit. I didn't know about that so I joined the game with 300 ping without testing it before. I apologize about it in team chat and there is this guy that says he will rep me. Entering tilted mode and telling him to commit not living, get 14 day ban. I did deserve that ban but in my defense I have actual anger managment issues in real life so its hard for me not to tilt. I still hate that guys guts tho. The worst part is that I just bought 2 skins and really want to play with them. So that is just leading to further frustration. It is my 4th day of playing and still haven't completed all the daily quests yet and I am wondering if I am going to be able to continue them after the ban or will I have to get my honor to a higher level first. Also don't tell people to commit not living it's not worth it. I will start keeping a punching bag next to me when I play so when something like this happens I have something to abuse.
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