2 weeks banned for this?

I have never been banned before ever. Not a warning not anything nothing. I am playing games with people who go 0-10 and than start flaming. In the reports i got, and yes i remember some of those conversations, is the other player 10 times more toxic to me. Game 1 In-Game Loxtos: thats why you never afk Loxtos: jesus u suck Loxtos: nice ss %%% Loxtos: 3 mid Loxtos: you have done nothing warwick than troll me whole game long Loxtos: hey trynda we might can use you in teamfights Loxtos: hewasnt there Loxtos: %%%% u brand Loxtos: FFS Loxtos: get cancer brand Loxtos: ur taking farm taking blues Loxtos: placing zero wards Loxtos: %%%s Loxtos: they want to trade baron for ocean drake Loxtos: bunch of braindeads Loxtos: this whole team is braindead Loxtos: warwick asked me why i went to baron when they were doing drake Loxtos: x9 this ww Loxtos: trol Post-Game Loxtos: 3.7k damage Loxtos: jesus christ Loxtos: uninstall please Game 2 In-Game Loxtos: no Loxtos: shocker Loxtos: cheesy Loxtos: ez Loxtos: maybe ur blind but i did 1 vs 1 u Loxtos: ? Loxtos: this guy talks so much trash its actually sad Loxtos: jesus botlane Loxtos: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Loxtos: he should of camped top Loxtos: he was permapushing Loxtos: REALLY Loxtos: ur trolling Loxtos: they summoned the herald Loxtos: and u guys are pushing bottom Loxtos: for what exactly Loxtos: yap totally my fault Loxtos: lets focus the morgana Loxtos: jesus christ Game 3 Pre-Game Loxtos: pyke sucks In-Game Loxtos: nah Loxtos: wtf? Loxtos: ur a support dont think u played it good Loxtos: u played it terrible Loxtos: gnight Loxtos: /all Loxtos: mate Loxtos: focus on the game dont talk trash if you havent done anything special Loxtos: why are you even trashtalking anyways? Loxtos: what have i even done to you l0l Loxtos: glad we got the same screem now %%% Loxtos: ur serious? u started this dumb conversation Loxtos: ur what 12 Loxtos: hey diana Loxtos: is this your first time ranked or what Loxtos: its one of those games isnt it Loxtos: coming form an 0-8 diana thats funny Is this really worth 2 weeks of a ban? I understand game 1 was bad, but game 2 and 3 the other party trashtalked way harder so why am I getting punished for it? If this is what you call toxic than i really wonder what you call the things I get called in an game.
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