Overlooking assits can cause major flame

I have recently wanted to add this discussion to the boards due to the simple fact I get flamed on alot while playing ADC (pre 5.22) about how I didn't get any kills and my deaths where always higher (for example having a 2/5 score) now if you think about those numbers its pretty bad for someone supposed to play as a carry role (bare in mind that you might have been ksed by lets say the jungler or the mage support who didn't want to play it) now my point is I'm feeling like people don't think about the fact that even if I had a score that was horrible (as mentioned 2/5) people don't think about the last number that could be way higher (and here comes the actual score 2/5/13 (at around 25 min) ) which can lead to some people being really angry... I might have 2 kills compared to 5 deaths but I still helped killing 13 others making my impact on the game more than just those 2 kills I might have even done 70% of the damage on those kills and just been unlucky with someone doing a bm secure (KS) or just not having the luck to get the one hit that is enough to kill them and thus someone else took it I feel like people only value your assists if you are playing as a support or sometimes jungler (mostly support) and it causes alot of hate and flame in the game and I would like this problem to be atleast noticed
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