This community isn't getting any better

... Just why is this community so toxic. I can understand that 1 guy that just flames but is happens consistently. I'm not going to lie I do flame in this game if some is being a prick but I have never flamed in any other game, just this one. Overwatch, 0 problems. I heard that odd person in ow but it is so rare and the worst I have come to flaming in ow is 'focus the payload' which is just cause there are to many flanking and people listen to that 50% of the time as well. I get it is hard for 100 million people to not be toxic but come on riot I can't even go on the boards nowadays without getting hate hate and more hate. I have had to quit one of my most fun to play roles as a jungler cause you get so much h8 there if you do 1 thing wrong or don't do everything the whole team want. I haven't even been solo qing for a long time and mainly been playing game with my friends as the random troll and/or flamer that comes in your game is so common and I only have 1 friend that is my rank to go into ranked games so getting elo has just been hell (play with an ez mid who builds trinity and grail and you will see what I mean). Also adc are always the most toxic... for some reason. But, I still love this game. I have never played a game for the amount of time that I have on lol and I would love if this community got better. Anyway that is just how it has been lately and I know most people are good in this game and it is small individuals but please, keep the flame for your friends :P
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