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Second time i got chat restrict. Why? Cuz i curse? Why i cruse? Cuz YOU RIOT.. give me this tilted players ... i win 5 games then u matchmake me with some Haiti players that migrated to Poland.. who goes 1/10 with Nasus and when i write "Omg nasus farm u feeding s**t" he says.. 0/2/0 adc... or do something with this immigrants from Poland.. or there will be more people like me who will curse curse every mother they have.. 0 ganking jungle blame me.. 10 deaths top blame me .. Cuz i dont have dmg against champions they fed.. matchmake me with normal people.. i dont ask to give me Faker in my team.. just normal.. not some frustrated Mc Donnald's employee... or i'll quit this sh*t!!!!!!! and every player matters.. if not.. then you as a community masters suck.. !
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