Why intentional feeders are not banned?

I add every case of intentional feed to my bookmarks. 3 cases now all 3 reported, and guess what? They are still playing rankeds like nothing happened. So just letting you know if you want you can feed and troll, nothing will happen to your account. Don't like someone then just feed for that one game and you wont get any penalty whatsoever, even if you get reported. Downvote all you like fanboys, thats the truth, banning system is not working as intended, as long as you don't make racist jokes in chat you want get banned and can feed and troll to your heart content. System is so good that it can't even catch soemone that was running down the lane for a whole game. If you want to feed you can, 1 feed game wont get you any penalty, and in older cases 6 different people were feeding for around 19 - 20 games before they got banned.
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