High ELO streams and LCS/LCK are the reason why there are so many "bad" players in League.

EXAMPLES: "I go Malphite top and buy Trinity Force as first item, because pros used it in LCS, so it must be good. I wont be a tank, but I am now pro and it is not my fault we lose." "I go Volibear jungle cuz Nightblue3 said he is freelo. He said, if you pick Voliburr jungle, you win instantly. You CANNOT lose." _Ended up being completely useless in every possible way, but it wasn't he's fault he lost._ "Faker is Godsuo. So I pick Yasuo so I become the next Godsuo. GG easy." _"Goes 0/10 in lane and flames his jungler for 0 "gangs"."_ "I pick Bard support and go harrass enemy jungler as soon as the game starts, cuz I saw LCS pros do it. I die and blame my team cuz they are retards. Not my fault!" "I pick Lee Sin cuz Insec is op Lee Sin. I miss every single Q and try to do sick Insec plays all game long but always fail. But not my fault I lost." People copy literally EVERYTHING from streamers and the pro scene. Their champions, their builds, their playstyle even... Or at least they try but fail completely and utterly. Nightblue isnt always serious about what he says, for example, Voliburr being insta win (though I admit he is strong as fck). But people actually believe everything. They dont recognize the "Kappa" in Nightblue's words. People play champions that they simply cannot play. "I pick thresh cuz pro blalbalblablablalblabla but I miss all hooks and my adc sucks he is retard report not my fault we lose!" SoloQ, or whatever, has NOTHING to do with the pro scene. I'm surprised people haven't yet copied the tactic where the first turrets are destroyed within the first 5 minutes (and its boring as ********************) ALSO: Graves' rework was the ultimate failure in the history of RITO GAEMS. He is supposed to be an ADC, not a jungler. Fukin hell, soon they will make Soraka an op jungler. Maybe in the next season, cuz Riot likes to change the jungle every Season. Or even better, they will Rework Soraka into "the Banana Priestess", becoming a completely broken mid laner, or something else. **Discuss**
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