¿Why is it tho? :-D

Why is it that everytime someone judges your thread he has these qualities: -Gold or lower rank -Thinks he is smart but doesnt give valid/strong arguments following the principles of logic -Follows you through the forums and criticize you in various threads, also brings back your past threads to critizice you -Direspects you and projecs his hate towards you. Usually using words as an excuse to defend their point which is decided by their emotions nor their analytic skills. -Doesnt answer questions nor tryies to discuss seriously with you. But instead continues bringing new "details" or searchign for mistakes in your upcoming comments so he can continue direspecting and critizing you (always without logic) -Lacks the hability to judge morals. Also lacks empathy. -Overjudgemental Specially when the person recieving these is a person who: -Is diamond or higher ranks -Is way older than them -Has a college degree -Has an inteligence proven to be higher than many -Has advanced understanding of morallity -Has more experience in the game Now let me foretell the answers im gonna have on this thread: -This thread is useles -You are delusional -Stop lying you are not diamond -Stop lying you are not smart -*some kind of laugh/direspect way strongert han the above mentioned* -Report the thread for being offensive -Your english suk stop thinking you are smart -Random joke which i usualy find funny unless its intention is to degrade me -(very rare) I agree with you -(very rare) stop taking it so serious, this is not doing good to you
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