It's IMPOSSIBLE to keep calm in this game

Today I played 4 matches, In every single one of the matches there was a retard that was getting on my nerves. And on the 4th match, it was just crazy. I was Riven top, I DESTROYED the enemy Darius, then a retarded Lee and a retarded Trist started feeding and blaming each other. Lee had fed the enemy Xerath and Trist was telling Lee that he was useless. Note that BOTH of them were AFK until 7 mins or something. Everyone got fed, we started losing because these guys had no brain and I was raging so much that I wanted to smash my mouse. I was so angry that I kept spamming "REPORT LEE AND TRIST FEEDING" and then they started calling me an idiot and saying "REPORT RIVEN FOR TOXIC NOOB". Then it was the time that I was literally blown up by rage, I said "THAT WAS ALL I GO AFK" and these idiots said" better go afk noob" so I went afk and then they surrender. My teammate told me that Lee and Trist were chatting and sayig "report riven afk" when THEY told me to go afk and they were afk too, and "report riven for toxic" while their behavior made me being toxic. These 10 years old kids should not be allowed to touch this game anymore.
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