Unknown Permaban?!

So a few day ago i was playing normal with my friend. after the game i got an warning that my account had been permabanned I thought it was a glich cause i haven't been writing much in chat before that or done anything bannable, so i relogged to see if my account was banned and nope so i kept playing with my friend didn't get the message that game but i did get it in our last game aswell. The next day i came on my account it was permabanned and i was unable to log in to my acc to see why i was banned -i have gotten a 10 game chat restriction and a few 20 min game bans for leaving games, not sure if that effects any bans -no 14 day ban. if anyone can take a look at the account it would be much apprisiated as i have no idea of why my account was banned and if i have done something punishable if there can be considered a smaller punishment.
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