Dear Blitz Players.

If I'm an adc with mediocre early like Jinx and we're against an Alistar+Vayne: * Don't sit in bushes trying to hook someone. Because they will always win the trade. (thanks to Ali's wombo with Vayne, if you don't get it) * Don't walk up to them. Because they will kill you. * When I say that we can't win a trade and you have to stop trying hooks, and focus on something like their jungler or peeling for me if Ali somehow gets too close to me, **I mean it.** Just stop trying to do those fucking LCS plays. Because we will both die. * **Don't try to hook them if Vayne is already 4/0 thanks to you** * ***FOR GOD'S SAKE DON'T GRAB ALISTAR NEXT TO ME EVEN IF WE'RE UNDER OUR OWN TOWER BECAUSE HE WILL JUST ULT AND BUTT ME TOWARDS MY SILVER DEATH!*** * When I tell you to stop pressing the goddamn Q just stop. Save it for grabs after lanephase. *Just fucking stop.* _Dedicated to the Blitz I played with in the last game._ _If you're reading this, please stop playing Blitz until you understand the above rules._
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