I pity late night trolls.

When you come across players at 3-5am that troll and say they troll all their games every night at this time, it makes me sad. Are their lives so empty that they literally would prefer to troll a video game than sleep? It boggles my mind and I will never truly understand how a troll thinks but wow. To choose trolling over sleeping is just pitiful. Every night for the last week I play late when I get home from work. And every single night, without fail, I get about 3-4 troll games in a row. Its time that I stop playing at night because I come across more trolls at that time than any other time. But damn, makes me appreciate how good I have it when my life isn't so empty and meaningless that I don't have to troll a video game at 4am to feel any sort of emotion. I pity you trolls. I truly, truly pity you.
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