Just got banned for one game where i lost my cold blood.

So there is the log : Game 1 In-Game Seishin Sekai: wake up Seishin Sekai: it does Seishin Sekai: wat Seishin Sekai: wake up bot Seishin Sekai: u shut up trash Seishin Sekai: u ruin the game Seishin Sekai: shut up Seishin Sekai: i pinged many times Seishin Sekai: u blin d af Seishin Sekai: 1v9 is fun Seishin Sekai: report twitch toxic and afk Seishin Sekai: shut up u ruin Seishin Sekai: ur trash Seishin Sekai: bot is just even worst Seishin Sekai: more kill coz bot int on u Seishin Sekai: or triomidlane Seishin Sekai: yea triolaning vs afk bot Seishin Sekai: unlucky bot Seishin Sekai: nope Seishin Sekai: and u afk bot while they push t2 mid Seishin Sekai: and u can get rep for afk np Seishin Sekai: what u doing bot while 4 mid . Seishin Sekai: ? Seishin Sekai: what u doing autist Seishin Sekai: look ur positionning Seishin Sekai: nice focus on tank Seishin Sekai: afk bot again at is finest Seishin Sekai: For ? i'm not the one afk twitch is i don't fear anything Seishin Sekai: ncie bot Seishin Sekai: report twitch left game Seishin Sekai: Zyra don't talk to me hardstuck gold Seishin Sekai: katarina the same Seishin Sekai: So u did Seishin Sekai: nope Seishin Sekai: 500game stuck g4 Zyra Seishin Sekai: and talk about smurfing Seishin Sekai: bg unlucky bot Post-Game Seishin Sekai: boosted kata Seishin Sekai: yea bc i say he's afk bot while he is Seishin Sekai: fragile players I know i got toxic on this game, however thats the only game where i lost my cold blood. 99% of my game, i just don't talk, not a word except if needed for the team plays. I got a 14 day ban for the exact same kind of log without any ban chat or anything before. It's been two times that i got banned for only one game where i tilt. I know it's wrong to flame and i'm in the wrong here. However 99% of my games i don't talk, i flame once because i tilted and i get banned ? I don't understand. A lot of people get ban chat, or ban over 3 games for way more than my soft flaming, but i get banned on only one game of loosing my mind. I just don't get it. I mean, if i said a lot of N word or homophobic things like i could understand why i got banned right away, however i said two times "Trash", one time "autist" and three times "Shut up". The other was just responding to the All chat where ennemies where flaming me and calling for a ff. I know i know its wrong to flame, i know it. But i never do it, i never flame, i'm always positive, i just lost my temper on one game and got banned right away. My ADC who left the game after flaming will just get a leavebuster while he ruined the entire game for his own interests. I tried to win as much as possible, well yea i flamed because i lost my temper, but what kind of justice is that. I just had my first token from getting level 1 honor because i'm positive 99% on my games. But i got banned for only one game where i lose my temper among like maybe 100/200 games ?

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