Credit is due - appreciation thread

We all know how bad it feels when you report someone who really destroyed your gameplay experience with flame, slurs, intentionally feeding etc, and they simply go unpunished. No matter how hard you tried, in-game reports, ticketing and so on... Nothing happened. And ofc we need to vent all of this anger somewhere, which is here, on the league boards. But something unusual happened. Justice was fulfilled. And that reminded me, that for now, I don't have anything to vent on the league boards. So thought of making an appreciation thread instead. Credit is due, the system worked. So I want to thank the Riot employees, the pro bono board workers, my mom and most importantly every single one of you who decided to read the wall of text. Y'all welcome to share some love in this thread, for whatever it may be that you appreciate at this time of day. TLDR; the reporting/ticketing system worked, I appreciate it greatly = made this thread.
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