I am sorry everyone :( </3

(If your not interested in my life please don't mind and read on to more important stuff :) ) Hello fellow summoners, I lately have been going though a lot of problems IRL and in game. Close people I loved, I have lost. In game I haven't been the nicest teammate. So for all the people that had a game with me and I was negative, please take this excuse because I am deeply sorry. I have gotten a Chat/Ranked ban for now, which I totally deserve. To sum things up I have been a very bad player and I know that what I said is not a good excuse but I just all wanna let you know I am sorry. And Riot employees I am deeply sorry for being a dick in games, I totally deserve this ban. I will now improve as a player because I know that I was wrong and I made a lot of people feel bad. Please let me be friends again
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