Difference between AFK and DC

I've been playing LoL for a long time and i still get those guys in team that flame when a guy dcs. It usualy gets like this: "Omg (champ) afk report pls" and before that a guy said his internet is acting strange so he has to restart it. So heres the deal The difference between AFK and DC is that if you are realy AFK, that means u can play, but u don't want, and that is a reason to report, BUT, when a guy DC u can't flame on him, its not in his power to get his internet back and its not his fault that he lost conection, it just happends, and i realy don't understand those words "like i care, u were afk anyway so reported" even tho he just dced and tried to get back ASAP. So please, players, learn the difference between DC and AFK. It will make the community better. {{item:3025}}
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