Wow, so it finally happened.

I've just been hit by a 14-day suspension for "disruptive behaviour" in a match (I can't link the match history details because it will count as naming and shaming.....) Let me give you a bit of information surrounding this match. It all kicks off with Quinn banning Soraka's champion (Katarina). The response is the Soraka lock-in saying they will int and troll the match. Then when we get into the match, Soraka starts off by going bot lane to troll Quinn, and I'm forced to go mid instead (Soraka was supposed to be mid). Soraka and Quinn argue for most of the match and naturally we start losing quite quickly. At 15 minutes I call for the first surrender vote. Surprise surprise it gets denied, because Soraka wants us to suffer as much as possible. Ok, so we wait until 20 minutes and then we only need 4 votes. So at 20 minutes I call for a second surrender vote, and it gets denied again 3-2. Quinn, for whatever reason also refuses to surrender. Soon after that Rammus quits as it is clear the match isn't going to end soon. On top of this the enemy team see what is happening and instead of ending the match quickly, do whatever they can to drag the match out as long as possible. After the third surrender vote fails I go afk for the rest of the match, which finally ends at 34 minutes. So, let's review. I have an inting Soraka, a Rammus who has quit the match, opponents who refuse to end the match and 2 teammates who refuse to surrender because they want us to suffer and "learn from our mistakes". I don't know about you but I feel afk'ing in such a situation is entirely justifiable under these circumstances. I honestly have better things to do with my time than play out the match like that. What would you have done in my place? Would you have afk'ed? EDIT: Although I did afk the match it is unclear if the ban was specifically for that, since "disruptive behavour" covers trolling, inting, griefing and afk'ing under the same umbrella and it was specified which one I was being punished for. EDIT 2: I sent a ticket to Riot regarding this and got the following reply: > Hello there Summoner, > > Rustyrose here~ > > Although I understand where you are coming from and all the frustration involved, please also understand that we have a zero tolerance policy towards toxicity/feeding as in there is no excuse for being toxic to a player. > Furthermore, such an attitude is unacceptable in a situation where team work should be the main focus. > Intentionally going against the benefit of the team is not what this is about. > > If you encounter this situation again try to play it to your benefit/ accommodate it. I have had games where I was forced to go support after locking in mid and then having to default to mid due to miscommunication in our team. Such situations are sometimes unavoidable due to components of your team having a bad day, not being able to focus or flat-out going against the benefit of your team. > In the last case the best decision is to try and work with it and report after the game but not join them in their toxic behavior. > > That being said, the ban is valid, your intent in that game was clear and we will not lift it. Please take the time off league to consider a new approach towards stressful situations such as these. > > Keep in mind that if audited again for negative behavior your account will be permanently suspended. > > Hope this helps and please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. > > Best regards, "Your intent in that game was clear". Yeah my intent was that I had no interest in playing out a 3v5 against opponents who are dragging out the match as long as possible. That is apparently unacceptable to Riot. "If you encounter this situation again try to play it to your benefit" Huh??? What possible benefit do I get out of such a match? It's not enjoyable in the slightest, I don't learn anything from it and from my perspective such a match doesn't benefit anyone at all. EDIT 3 (The final word): I queried what I should have done in that situation and asked for clarification on exactly why I was punished, since "disruptive behaviour" is a very vague term. I received the following reply: > Greetings Summoner! > > AlphaAntidote from the Support team here. > > Me, along with multiple colleagues investigating the case have all watched the match and, while I do agree that having those teammates can be quite discouraging and perhaps even infuriating, we cannot tolerate giving up and going AFK(I hope this also answers your last question) under any circumstances. > > I get that this can feel unfair, but everyone is subject to the same rules, no matter the situation that they are in while playing a match. > > I hope you understand that we are not trying to dismiss you or your concerns, but rather just following the rules that we are bound by. > > If you have any other questions or requests, feel free to contact me again! ♥

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