Riot please give us free dodge in Promos, trolls are no fun

I was in promos yesterday and what do you think happened? The usual promo game. 2 trolls on my team, probably pre-made. They both picked troll champs in select and I couldn't even dodge. Draven support and Katarina ADC they proceeded to feed and not helping me or other 2 guys when we needed. Draven and Kata would only go in to die and then type in chat about how toxic I am because I said I wanted to win and asking them to stop feeding the enemies. I am sorry but I lost my 2nd game and I could have avoided that if we had a free dodge in promos. PLS RIOT PLS give us free dodge in promos. The client bugged out and I couldn't even report them but I have submitted a support ticket about those two. I like the game and enjoy climbing solo, but I can't handle another lost promo because of 2 random kids who decide to troll. Thanks
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