The problem with "kid"

So people here often use "kid" as a curse word (they do, and you know it) and i think there's a bit of a problem with that. If you truly believe that you are speaking to a "kid", which, by my definition, implies somebody who is too young to "think straight" and have a valid opinion, also being a few years, at least 5, younger than you, being a dick to these "kids" makes you a much worse person than them. If you truly believe a person is 12 years old, and you're, for example, 17 years old (or older, just using the 5 years from earlier) and you actually just dismiss everything they say with an "ok kid" or you actually swear at them, just fucking look at yourself. And when somebody actually flames these "kids"? Well then that just makes that said somebody a shitty person. "Kids" dont have the right to flame, but if you actually flame them back or make fun of them... Well i think you know where im going with this. Have fun downvoting.
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