Being toxic doesn't help you win

I got my fair share of bans, chat restrictions, so everything that I'm gonna write here, is coming from a perspective of someone who experienced the heavy hammer of justice first hand, multiple times. So you've had a couple of rough games, maybe someone griefed you, maybe someone inted, or maybe you simply had a bad day and performed worse than usual. You queue into next one... and it's the same thing over again, you finally snap and unleash all insults known to mankind on your poor fellow teammates. Next time you log into the game you see this lovely message saying that your chat got restricted. TLDR; You got banned. Sounds familiar? Hopefully, it doesn't. But this has been the case for me several times. Every time I got it, it affected me less and less, my mentality was pretty much something like this "another chat restriction? well, let's play 10 games and keep on doing what I was doing, which is being an ass". If someone plays badly they deserve to be flamed, right? Well... **NO**. No matter how badly someone might play, if he's griefing you or your team or simply running it down mid he shouldn't be flamed for it. Every time you insult someone, you indirectly insult your whole team as well, we all read chat after all, don't we? Flaming and being toxic is nothing more than a way to bring down the morale of your team as well as waste everyone's time with unimportant, unrelated gibberish. I've noticed myself being stuck in this loop, where I would queue into the game and instead of focusing on the game, on how I play and perform, I would watch my teammates instead and comment on every single mistake they made, which I've come to realise is totally pointless. **You can't make someone play better. You can't take control of their keyboard. The only thing you can do is play the game to the best of your ability. ** Being toxic certainly doesn't help here. Something that helped me focus on what I'm doing and not what others are doing, is simply muting all. The game starts and I type "/mute all" unmute pings and this way I get to dedicate 100% of my focus on the game, instead of the chat. While playing this way you can notice just how often people stop for like 20 seconds and just stand there awkwardly, not doing anything. Just shows how much time you waste spamming chat with nonsense (Though I'm not saying people don't type useful things) and how much of your focus is divert from the game. While I can't tell someone what to do, if you do find yourself in a similar situation, where you just can't stop yourself from typing, please mute all, so many people don't even take this option into consideration. So don't be the guy that flames the entire team, be the guy that 1v9s instead.
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