How to handle toxic/tilted players

Almost every round there will be a player who just doesnt have a good mood and will take out his frustration on your team. When that happens his teammates often start flaming back or try to calm him down. In my opinion neither of those two things actually works and often makes it even worse. Most times the right thing to do is to just ignore the angry player or better to mute him, because: 1. If you start having a chat war against him you lose your focus and will perform worse yourself. It will also distract your team and you might get muted aswell. 2. Sometimes those angry players are just having a bad day of league and are normally chill people, so when you just leave them alone they might get back to their senses and sometimes even apologize (which does happen and it always puts a smile on my face). 3. When people start to argue with the angry player he might just get more tilted and instead of just performing bad will grief your game. This all doesnt just go for the Vayne top that went 0/4, it also goes to the 12/3 Zed that cant stop complaining about how he has to carry and how bad his teammates are. In the end you all are trying to win and as long as you try your best you will improve even if you lost that game.

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