Why game servers in Los Angles? I have 10-15ms added to my PING

I downloaded NetLimiter 4 to check what is going on with my PING. I thought I would find background processes trying to update windows, P2P trying to use my PC as server, etc. But to my surprise, nothing as such was happening. In fact, to my surprise, I saw an extra row in the NetLimiter when game starts. There I saw an IP which I saved for later tracing. Other UI and Champ select IP: Game server IP: ( LA ) So, my question is.... why am I playing in Los Angeles, California servers? Anything to do with the recent Data Protection act of EU? Should we NOT be notified? What is going on. .................. I am in Dublin, Ireland. ISP: Sky (Not even listed in LAG report in your website) Ping used to be around: 31ms Now is around: 41-50ms (Btw, ping to riot.de is still around 35ms. So, I am guessing you guys decided to move us to LA for some reason you won't disclose) All burst champs kills me in seconds, and it's frustrating because I cannot even flash. And last hitting minions is a joke, must use ability to kill minions.... what has this come to? https://image.prntscr.com/image/6SMYkciETRqjzjWHFLXCKA.png UPDATED: Now, servers are in Dublin and much much stable game. https://image.prntscr.com/image/60j2oQk5QbCVVsRgfg3Mjg.png
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