is riot banning players for chatting?

Hello there summoners,i play league since beggining of SEASON 2,counting 8+ years on this game and after a lot of thoughts i have to admit i am truly dissapointed and frustrated thinking to quit league after all this long jurney,so my first account got banned half a year ago but i didnt give up and made a second account ,so i would like to get some opinions about my behavior and agreement with leagues terms. So here is how it start my team at 20 level games decided my role that was ofc support. They told me i was last saying my role so i have to adapt and i tell them i will go jungle,you have to adapt,but the jungler already locked in.So i found my self embarassed because i have 2 accounts banned from ''inflammatory and offensive behavior''.The think I realised is that if you flame your teammates but only type 5 times in chat ,and even you get 9 reports every game ,its more probably that you are NOT going to be banned THAN just typing (even just talk about peoples mistakes or defending yourself against others ex. saying they report you for the nonreason) but type like 40-50 times and also get reported.So is that justice format working right? I really can't understand that you ban people because of chatting because thats what i feel and no real flamers,who curses others use bad words etc. Isnt the word ''flame'' means talking in ABUSIVE and VITRIOLIC way? I see non of them on my chat,just an angry person who asks the reasons of the upcoming reports and chat in game.Sorry for my bad english. Game 1 Pre-Game : no sup : so what : its type league? : no : i will go jungle : let the jungler adapt In-Game : for? >>they say report me<< : 850 dmg minion >>no flammatory behavior on that right??<< : ok >>not here<< : after blue >>not here<< : bait his w if poss >>not here<< : ok >>not here<< : i dont come >>here i start realising that my mid wont gonna win the game tell her i dont come mid again if she can't help me too<< : mid : lb had to : reported : ok : spam and verbal >>here i saw an offensive chat attack on me by a lucian player << : no troll pick report reason >>he answers to report me for trolling,because i picked gragas jungle when someone already instalocked jungle!<< : verbal is : yes : rly : verbal : mb >>no flammatory behavior here right??<< : so bad >>not here<< : nc plays >>not here<< : i see lcs right now : saw it there >> here the ''good stuff'' begins,lucian tells me that my build sucks << : so : like your mama my build is nice ;) >> and i answer to him like that,of course i agree,that one is REALLY VITRIOLIC,still premantly banned and no flammatatory behavior except this ,my mistake ,sorry about this i got upset after 3 guys spamming to report me FOR THE REASON I STILL CAN NOT FIND<< : if u didnt fed him so hard bot : 7 deaths so what : right clicke >>no flammatory behavior here right??<< : xD >>not here<< : no flame >>not here<< : what did i said about your mom >>here their spam continues,i am not from these people who think ''mute'' is a good solution,i have been to diamond 2 once and i believe chat can sometimes win games,ofc personal opinion, i asked him why i was ''flaming'',wrong move as proven,never ask for reasons when there are non<< : WANSWE >> bannable nonsense typing sure RIOT<< : WAHT >> bannable nonsense typing sure RIOT<< : \ >> bannable nonsense typing sure RIOT<< : ASNWERE >> bannable nonsense typing sure RIOT<< : WHATY : WHAT : TELEL >> bannable nonsense typing sure RIOT<< : TELL THEM : I TOLD THEM SHJE IS NICE >> bannable nonsense typing sure RIOT<< : SO WHAT : HOW IS THAT FLAME : TELL ME : rep elise lucian : just telling to report me for no reason cause of stupid friends : rep elise lucian thanks : and master >> here enemies tell me to ''shut the ** up'',oh thats abusive in my opinion so the next 2 are my willing about report them too<< : and gnar : got never punished lul : or take 2 free kills : suicided sure : gnar was 200 hp from full : lose game now : ? Post-Game : special letter also lucian elise <3 The second game is not here ,but i promise it is about the same chat,and with NO vitriolic sentence there just more ''report the one'' and ''report the other'' stuff.
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