Climb is luck only

Im sure many of you say no is not truth but it is.I say who got chalenger lcs is lucky nothing else.They say you you sure???Last game on other acc teemo adc ok..Support troll cuz doesnt want teemo adc and mid is just bot.Bot real bot.Another 2 games ago full fed in 5 mins adc 0 7 mid 0 5 ye sure bad days im very sure about that.I wanna climb..How..I need to do 1v5 evry game just to win.And the people that get diamond say o no you carry.. dude you are bad like all these losers..And i hope diamonds or chalengers read this.You got there by luck because so many bad players and trolers all games its just impossible to climb on your own strenght so plz..I hope riot know that and will do something about it because if not this game is just done.No wonder 90% of league are all silvers or golds.
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