What do I have to do to get these subhuman beings banned ?

Honestly in the past 1 day over the course of my last 10 games I've had : 1st promo games. Yasuo main going 1/6 then alt+f4. Yasuo main right after that ,1/9 then alt+f4 ( different one ) Naturally, lost promos. Win into 2nd promos. Gnar dies then TPs to lane and dies again=alt+f4, came back 2 minutes later to follow me in the jungle and grief me. Win Loss, just better team tbh. Win into 3rd PROMOS!!! Win ANOTHER F*CKING YASUO MAIN, 9/11 rage splitting until he dies. ( 2nd highest death in the game was 7) Win Finally into plat 3 and got welcomed by shaco support who decided to afk because I pinged him to move to dragon because he was constantly afk typing sh*t to everyone... These players are literally not human beings, this is ranked, if you are not playing to win I'm sry but f*ck off. Lots of these cases we were winning across the map but because of a single cry baby who decides he doesn't want to accept the carry and free lp we all had to suffer the losses. What's mind blowing is I reported ALL of them and didn't get single message about them being punished... Toxicity is the issue my a$$, let's keep fighting that one. Cmon, I'd have been 1 division higher already if I wasn't getting inted/afked literally every other game by the looks of it.... Ranked feels like a waste of time. Sometimes I'm having a lot of fun but when I get players like that I wish I didn't even bother with this pile of crap. You are literally coinflipping who gets the griefer/mentally unstable subhuman that will alt f4 even if you are smashing enemy team....
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