EUNE is so toxic lol

Why is it that when you play in low elo EUNE they will just keep flaming you even if you're trying to win hard and stay positive during the whole game? Had this {{champion:267}} who had built AP and I told her ''nami get ardent censer so we can win every fight'' and the guy just said fckkk you noob report or something and then started feeding on purpose. Also, when you farm someone's lane while they are dead (Perfectly managing the CS; freezing or shoving if needed), but since they have no idea how to manage their wave, they either start feeding, {{summoner:4}} or burn a summ or just give a kill and start being aggressive in the chat and then go AFK. The worst thing is that they will follow you around and try to steal your jungle camps while enemy midlaner is roaming or opening a lane. I don't get why are those people so bad that they will flame you even though they are trying to help you. The worst thing that IFS isn't doing anything at all, and neither Riot is doing anything when I send them a ticket regarding negative behavior. They usually say something like ''The instant feedback system is not wrong and it would punish players even though you don't get the message regarding their suspension.'' I don't buy things such as IFS not giving us a message because I've played 3 games in a row with the same toxic person; reported him 3 games straight and he still had access to the /all chat. The day after, I get the same person somehow and he still has the access to the /all chat. Funny thing is he kept flaming me and being a racist, gave death threats etc. Also, people who die and then blame their jungler who is on the opposite side of the map and ganging up with his premade to steal your jungle camps, it's really pathetic and Riot still isn't doing anything about that, EVEN THOUGH it COUNTS as negative behavior. Before you jump to conclusions and slam your keyboard typing ''Just /mute all and don't pay attention'', note that even after muting them they will gang up on you and grief you and your entire gameplay by feeding, stealing experience, gold or jungle camps; or if you say ''Get good at the game'' like some people say and just leave with their head full of their ego, I don't struggle in climbing prior to my 92% winrate in 23 games, I am just playing on EUNE with a friend (I abuse Twitch jungle and I am Diamond 3 on EUW) and talking about me being a problem won't do since I am trying my best to politely assist my team while they will just act like complete asses, without flaming them or anything, and muting a toxic player instantly. Just saying that getting your whole jungle stolen by toxic team at the early phase won't do any good to the player or the game and Riot should be doing something about griefing.
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