Red Rito pls help

I will keep it short. Last game we had a Garen top and everytime he could have taken an inhibtor he walked right past it and towerdived on the nexus turrets. Am I allowed to point out the mistake of not securing the inhibitor when we have the chance? I can't count the ammount of games I lost due to people not securing objects when they had the chance. (Mainly because I have trouble counting to 10) But back to being serious. Am I allowed to tell Garen that not securing the inhibitor is a mistake and can easily cost us the game? Or is this considdered flaming. I am not using faul language. I am not calling him any names. It's sort of like this. "Garen secure the inhibitor when you have the chance, mistakes like this can cost us the game." Is this considdered flaming? Because that is really not my intention. Pls red Rito help. And as always; Remember, League is love. League is life.
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