Remove Blind Pick.

This is obviously a rant about how I just played a blind pick and the game was predictably toxic. I really don't play blind pick but sometimes the fact you can get into a game quickly is really nice. But I just got matched up in a game where my whole team was 1200 mmr and I am 1800 mmr we played against a full 1800 mmr+ team. Like literally every single player. And well, I was jungling and you know how that goes. You have to be in 3 places at once. Normally it's fine but when you are with 4 random players in blind pick someone will flame for sure. Maybe it is just the nature of jungling I need to get used to. But as a jungler you can't really mute people because they give you information about summoners. At any rate how come I get matched with my own elo and above in a game where everyone (on my team) is many divisions below? It's unplayable because they literally give up on the game because you're not playing how they want you to play. Anyway this is a standard blind pick game and I personally think it would be best to just remove it because it doesn't actually give New Players the right impression of league of legends. Not saying draft or ranked can't be toxic. But blind pick is exceptional.
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