For those talking about taking off Autofill

It's exactly the same as in school. YOU HAVE TO LEARN AND DO YOUR BEST IN EVERY SINGLE DAMN ROLE. IT'S A MUST. Now ofcourse, you can suck at it. But not making a damn effort for it just makes not only a worse player, but a worse person. But then you say "Well then, Faker, Bjergsen and all those fuckboys always get mid and shit". Well yeah, they worked hard for it. They specialise in something, like they are at university. They chose to master that role, and they succesfully reached to that point. So no, do not take Autofill out. For those who want autofill out, now I do not mean by any way to offend you, but I have to say that you are like a little kid. Refuses to play the roles you don't know. How about you learn how to play them then? Make a man of yourself, and fucking learn how to play. Besides, playing support is not the hardest thing to do, neither is impossible to carry games as support. Deal with it.
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