Normal mode does matter

I'm sick to death of the perception that it's acceptable to troll, and purposely lose normal games outside of the ranked queue. Not all of us can play ranked (locationally challenged), so why should our gaming experience be tarnished by players who simply don't care, troll and feed purposefully under the "protection" of the normal game. Is our time not as valuable as the ranked players? Should I suffer an unplayable ping for some semblance at a normal game (the irony of that statement haunts me). Can riot not do something to improve the player experience for people in my position? I don't expect LCS levels of participation, but some semblance of rational thought and accountability would be ever so nice. I think it would go a long way to relieve some of the toxicity we see during normal games as half the team actually wants to try, while the other half thinks they are protected from consequence and proceed to ruin the experience for the remaining players. I'm a rager I admit. It takes me longer to get there than most people, but this is killing this game for me.
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