Losses due to people going AFK mid-game, should give a compensation!

We all know him, the annoying little brat who dies twice in lane and types in all caps "FF", "IDIOTS, WE CAN'T WIN", "I'M GOING AFK". Some people just write it, but keep playing. But in rare occaisions he acctuallt goes AFK. This itself is one of the most annoying things in league of legends. Espacially in ranked games. Today I encountered the worst person I have ever played with. And he did just what I described. But he didn't do the regular leave the game and play something else. He stood in the fountain, bought wards, rightclicked around and used abilities, just to avoid getting the afk warning, and banned. He ruined the entire ranked game, and singlehandedly made us lose the game. I am so frustrated, this has happen very frequently and it just ruins my experiance. Sometimes after I report them they don't even get banned. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} I think that we players who are unfortunate enought to encounter this should recieve some kind of compensation. Like after they get a penatly everyone that was in the game get's their LP back that they lost. And even the MMR. Wich might be hard to give back idk, but it would be appreciated. Like CSGO does after some player has been banned from cheating. The cheater get's banned, and everyone that was in the game get their rank or something reverted to how it was before that game. The players who leave mid-game, just to fiddle around in the fountain and flame your team while doing it, is the players who should get the most punishment, after cheaters ofcourse. So my question to everyone is,
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