Proof that ELO-hell is a thing!!

So I began to play ranked in the middle of season 4 and just hit lvl 30 and ended up in the bronze tier (fair enough). My gameplay was not that good, I forgot to use wards, and thought that I as a support should have kills and farm and I went straight to Bronze V (no wonder why). I had a good friend of mine who was in Gold that time, (and now he is Diamond II) to learn me how to _really_ play the game, and by the end of the season I had definitely improved my gameplay quite a bit and I managed to climb up to Bronze II, but failed my promo to Bronze I, but I didn't mind because season 5 was about to begin, and i said to myself "for this upcoming season i'm going to climb up the ladder to at least high Silver or maybe even Gold." I started in bronze III for that season and I quickly noticed that it was not nearly as easy as I thought. I lot of times in solo queue I had AFK's and rage-quitters in my team, but most often feeders who just simply refuse to play in team, and I was raging as I went all the way down to bronze V, because that shit happened almost all the time, and was stuck there for almost an entire month, till I finally had some good games and managed to climb up to bronze III again. And for almost half a year I would have a long range of good games like 6 to 10 victories in a row without any trolls, and be happy and other times I would have 6 to 10 loses in a row and went on like this for almost the entire 5th season, which leaves me with a win/lose ratio of almost exactly 50/50 or 1:1. I now want you to look carefully examine my 4 recent games in which all where defeats. This game I played as ADC which is one of my strongpoints. I notice that the enemy botlane was very strong and played flawlessly, especially compared to the other bot duo's in bronze, but Anivia (my supp) didn't really do much, and never placed a single ward (so I had to do it most of the time). And one time he even decided to fight right under enemy turret while the enemies had almost full health. Even worse than that out toplaner (tryndamere) did obviously not have a chance against Garen and our jungler decided to feed. This game was not lost because of a bad team, but because of a smurf in enemy team. I played Lux mid-lane against Malzahar and our team and I did very well the for the first 5-7 minutes. I did put my wards, but as most of you who know Shaco, he has to ability to become invisible. And he was constantly ganking everywhere!! Shaco just popped out of nothing and kill me instantly with the help of Malzahar, and he (shaco) had a lot of damage very early on. At the end of the game Shaco a friend request and chatted with him, and told me that he was a platinum player on his own account. This one speaks for itself. Wukong was AFK, and we played 4 vs 5 for the entire game. This game could easily be a victory. But Mundo decided to go AFK after already 24 minutes of gameplay, we were far ahead at the beginning, and I got a ton of farm. But as soon as we Mundo left, and out team began to slack off, the enemy team quickly turned it all around. I give a you a couple of more examples: (Jungler feeds and Shyvana Gold-tier smurf) (Kha'Zix) (Look Jinx) I think this pretty much proves the point. While some of the games that I lose have been because the enemy was just better overall than our team, but the majority of the losses happens because of: At least 1/3 of the games I play I either have an intensive feeder on my team, that ends with a score like 3/15, an AFK, a ragequitter or a diamond-smurf on the enemy team. I would really appreciate if you guys would give me your tips'n'tricks to improve my gameplay ofcourse, and even more importantly what I can do when shit like this happens.
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