Question - 14 day bans

Hello, I was banned for 14 days ages ago, and since then I've found that I've improved rapidly since that point, I don't really care why, however, I do know that a 14 day ban constitutes your final chance before you are permanently banned, however, walking along a tightrope scares me (Probably why I've improved so much) However, I'm wondering now, will I have to stand on a tightrope forever, or will I walk to the other side and be safe once more (Will the 1 step before a permanent ban ever disappear) I know I've improved and I'm less inclined to get into arguments when teammates feed deliberately and make stupid mistakes, I've also found it's improved my gameplay dramatically, however I've reached a point where I don't believe I need to be standing on an iceburg in the middle of nowhere, the ice one step away from cracking and plunging me into the cold icy depths, so, I suppose my main question is, do the steps before a permanent ban ever wear off and allow me to get placed with CR's and other such things again (God this sounds so much like I'm asking whether I can break rules again T_T) Thanks :p
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