im having trouble seeing how what i typed is actually toxic enough to get me a chat ban

please just be objective i want to be able to understand. Game 1 Pre-Game WrathOfKami: hey team WrathOfKami: princes lover ! WrathOfKami: youre welcome WrathOfKami: they b& his yasuo WrathOfKami: no idea why hes flaming tho WrathOfKami: adc im going to get you so fed WrathOfKami: as a thank you will you just listen to my item requests? WrathOfKami: yasuo WrathOfKami: want mid? WrathOfKami: i feel you In-Game WrathOfKami: ffs WrathOfKami: rammus top side WrathOfKami: okay WrathOfKami: eve WrathOfKami: if you let me get camped WrathOfKami: i will go 0/10 WrathOfKami: you farming WrathOfKami: muted WrathOfKami: im going to quit too i think WrathOfKami: im playing in a 2v1 WrathOfKami: and youre doing nothing at all to help me WrathOfKami: im getting dived WrathOfKami: again WrathOfKami: why are you running WrathOfKami: froma 2v1 WrathOfKami: enemuy mid WrathOfKami: on 140 hp WrathOfKami: and we are both full vs rammus WrathOfKami: enemy bot lane is mid WrathOfKami: oops WrathOfKami: im not expecting a win WrathOfKami: you have a jungler WrathOfKami: with 10 ganks WrathOfKami: and winning in cs WrathOfKami: report that WrathOfKami: its funny bc yi thinks hes tilting me WrathOfKami: but im on 0 lp WrathOfKami: and hes going to get banned for this WrathOfKami: yi 100% getting banned for this game WrathOfKami: i lose no lp WrathOfKami: just won promo WrathOfKami: and you get perma banned for this WrathOfKami: wurffff WrathOfKami: rofl WrathOfKami: so cringe WrathOfKami: perma banned and you arent even tilting me WrathOfKami: lol no WrathOfKami: the second this game ends WrathOfKami: im clipping his inting from the stream WrathOfKami: saving it WrathOfKami: uploading it to the riot ticket im going to open WrathOfKami: and hes getting permad WrathOfKami: rofl WrathOfKami: you cant tilt me WrathOfKami: im literally losing nothing WrathOfKami: im not even losing WrathOfKami: im having fun WrathOfKami: and this match im at 0 lp WrathOfKami: because i just won promo WrathOfKami: :) WrathOfKami: i havent done anything wrong WrathOfKami: apart from lose WrathOfKami: too bad that isnt the same as intentially feeding WrathOfKami: like the enemy team saw you do WrathOfKami: :) WrathOfKami: jinx WrathOfKami: dont flame him WrathOfKami: yhou dont deserve a ban WrathOfKami: he will Post-Game WrathOfKami: ahahhaha WrathOfKami: yi flamed every second WrathOfKami: and inted WrathOfKami: in front of you WrathOfKami: but will act like he didnt WrathOfKami: like you didnt see him running it down mid WrathOfKami: hahahahhahahahahhahahhahahhahahha WrathOfKami: yi WrathOfKami: how does it feel WrathOfKami: knowing youre getting a ban WrathOfKami: ? WrathOfKami: id rahter die WrathOfKami: than add you WrathOfKami: rofl WrathOfKami: account banned WrathOfKami: as soon as i click report WrathOfKami: ahhahahaha WrathOfKami: enjoy it WrathOfKami: say what you like WrathOfKami: youre done WrathOfKami: you literally inted WrathOfKami: in front of even enemy team WrathOfKami: you flamed all game WrathOfKami: even pregame WrathOfKami: you told someone to die WrathOfKami: bc they banned your pick WrathOfKami: then went afk after you got killed solo 1v1 WrathOfKami: and now youre mad WrathOfKami: because you did something you cant take back WrathOfKami: by going afk lol WrathOfKami: like you did WrathOfKami: ahahahahha WrathOfKami: guys WrathOfKami: rammus WrathOfKami: really well played this game WrathOfKami: you god WrathOfKami: report him WrathOfKami: and move on WrathOfKami: lol WrathOfKami: so salty WrathOfKami: ahahhaha Game 2 Pre-Game WrathOfKami: please can i go mid? WrathOfKami: what do you play? WrathOfKami: who here plays jungle? In-Game WrathOfKami: ward red for me please WrathOfKami: tank a couple hits for me please WrathOfKami: ill do dragon early WrathOfKami: ty WrathOfKami: tp WrathOfKami: nothing to be done WrathOfKami: lv 4 WrathOfKami: you had like 70% WrathOfKami: and we were 3v1 WrathOfKami: nm jungler is behind anyway WrathOfKami: no theiras WrathOfKami: 16 cs WrathOfKami: just chill WrathOfKami: i have a 67% win rate on all games in 2018 WrathOfKami: just shh WrathOfKami: and play WrathOfKami: adc muted WrathOfKami: mute them WrathOfKami: okay ahri mute bot lane WrathOfKami: theyre just toxic WrathOfKami: close WrathOfKami: mid r? WrathOfKami: np WrathOfKami: another cull?? WrathOfKami: gnar youre going to get it finished but we lose the game WrathOfKami: ahri best thing you can do is shove mid hard WrathOfKami: just keep cassio from roaming WrathOfKami: and gnar will outscale WrathOfKami: and bot is snowballing WrathOfKami: the cc WrathOfKami: is so disgusting WrathOfKami: believe it or not we win this game WrathOfKami: our adc is fed too WrathOfKami: yeah we do now WrathOfKami: look at her items WrathOfKami: and lategame panth is bad WrathOfKami: and gnar will be good WrathOfKami: see WrathOfKami: 16 kills WrathOfKami: 93 cs WrathOfKami: not that ahead WrathOfKami: why WrathOfKami: just clear WrathOfKami: let me take turret WrathOfKami: yeah so do they WrathOfKami: its okay for us to trade since our top is behind badly WrathOfKami: he will outscale and its worth for us WrathOfKami: we have much better objective WrathOfKami: :/ WrathOfKami: gnar i dont care how badly you lose lane i just hate when players give up WrathOfKami: yeah im on even items WrathOfKami: im ahead in gold WrathOfKami: and she has that many kills WrathOfKami: exp* WrathOfKami: we can win 5v5 WrathOfKami: gnar WrathOfKami: coem WrathOfKami: report gnar hes trolling WrathOfKami: kai sa is afk WrathOfKami: wait i just opgg his account he trolls every game WrathOfKami: lol WrathOfKami: not banned btw WrathOfKami: ward WrathOfKami: start WrathOfKami: gg Post-Game WrathOfKami: rofl WrathOfKami: yeah Game 3 Pre-Game WrathOfKami: hello team WrathOfKami: bot lane ill camp you WrathOfKami: when i get to lv 6 WrathOfKami: if yasuo is mid i promise he will feed In-Game WrathOfKami: good luck and have fun guys WrathOfKami: ALL WOMEN ARE QUEENS WrathOfKami: Not funny WrathOfKami: i miss 2 minions exp and wave is now shoving on me WrathOfKami: nice WrathOfKami: im 2v1 in lane i guess WrathOfKami: noc can you counter jungle WrathOfKami: so that their jungler cant free gank all game WrathOfKami: hes not walking up all lane WrathOfKami: i cant understand WrathOfKami: why anyone would react that late WrathOfKami: rumble left lane killed jungler then went WrathOfKami: DARIUS WrathOfKami: DARIUS WrathOfKami: WTF WrathOfKami: ARE YOU DOING WrathOfKami: RIFT IS CHARGING WrathOfKami: i could have lived WrathOfKami: didnt use any abilities since you waited to r WrathOfKami: kog WrathOfKami: why are you bot WrathOfKami: now WrathOfKami: afrter WrathOfKami: why come after WrathOfKami: bot go mid WrathOfKami: you just took all mid cs WrathOfKami: stfu WrathOfKami: yes spam ping me WrathOfKami: while draven has no mana WrathOfKami: and yorue all backing off WrathOfKami: on 3 people WrathOfKami: while 2 have less than 100 health WrathOfKami: lost lane to me btw WrathOfKami: yeha im typing nothing in game yet im toxic WrathOfKami: oops WrathOfKami: man im really starting to get tilted by the flaming and spam pinging WrathOfKami: its okay though because flaming me will make me play better right? WrathOfKami: yikes WrathOfKami: silver players with less than 50% win rates WrathOfKami: im being flamed by people who are afk WrathOfKami: rofl WrathOfKami: gg for context: the yi solo died lv 1 top lane and went afk, came back a few minutes later flamed a bit and ran it down mid a couple times before going afk again this time just in base and jungle walking around (he was the top laner not jungle) taking my junglers camps. He and the jinx back and forth told each other they should die and something about their parents dying i dont remember perfectly. Both these players are still playing unbanned. edit: yi managed to play quite a few games of hard inting and not be banned. just checked his account and he has like 18 loss 2 wins last 20 games all the losses he is very clearly inting.
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