Should Riot match "like-minded" players (Discussion)

So, after starting the season I've had a pretty rocky start and while I won't deny that a lot of it is my poor skills, I've noticed an increase in toxic and trolling players. I had someone full on troll as they only roamed and then when our support said they are trolling they went all out and actually trolled as a way of showing "they weren't trolling before" Now onto the main point, do you not believe that instead of a slap on the wrist of a ban or chat restrictions (which doesn't stop true trolls as the ones I have come across say they don't care because they can either buy or level up a new account within a week) so instead would it not be better to match trolls with trolls, so those who have a reputation for bad behaviour will be placed with and against those who are the same. It's not a true solution because yes they can just make a new accounts but it could allow for prevention of further ruining of games with those who actually care as it could be hidden when a player is placed in that so that they aren't as quick to react and only good behaviour can fix it. Im not talking about people who just have a bad game I'm talking about the people who run it down saying they are going to and then just laughing as their team loses because it's a bit of fun for them.
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