League of Legends report system is useless

So my account 22 lvl just got banned for 14 days for flame in end lobby I played yasuo{{champion:157}} (xd) and i made 2/4 because ahri {{champion:103}} feeded enemy team and made 0/10 after game she typed to me that she was better, and she made more dmg (50 dmg more) and killed more minions (1 more) i typed to her to "%%%" and that she was "useless" then after 4 min i got banned for flame for 14 days in this account i didn't get chat restrict or any punishment after that ban i just uninstalled game i hate that she didn't got punishment for wasting 20 min of my life and other 3 people but i got banned for flame i think i won't play this game anymore, game made for children who like color full skins and cry after some flame i know that typing "%%%" is toxic but everyone would get frustrated for games like that with "feeding ahri{{champion:103}} " i hope that in future rito will make better bots to analyze reported users and compare it to situation in what happened that flame everyone can play lol and get people frustrated feeding and not typing anything in game making 0/10 and reporting people just getting people banned sorry for my bad London but i was typing that fast with frustration after that game and English isn't my native language ;) P.s that %%% is "K----Y-----S" OMG I HOPE I WILL NOT GET PEOPLE OFENDED

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