Riot, BLAME THE GAME MODE, NOT THE PLAYERS! - Feedback on Ascension incident.

I was just recently told that five people were banned for using a strategic play style to win a game in Ascension. Basically, you would give a few kills to the enemies and then go back so you could buy items, until you are very well equipped to just be "unkillable", which gives you an advantage to interrupt the capturing of relics! At this point, enemies are unable to die. Which gets frustrating, because the team just waits and is not getting killed but is doing a prevention tactic to catch enemies who are trying to capture the relics. This gets frustrating to the enemy team, as they are unable to die and therefore buy items, leaving them with an only option to end the game, surrender. Those five players have received 14 - days ban as a punishment. Alright, so, we have a game mode in which you are not basically cheating, you are just using elements which are free - handed to you to win the game. Now, looking everything superficially, from a realistic point of view, the one which does not include morals or ethnic processes, these guys did **nothing** wrong that is against the rules! Not only that, but Riot, as a very big company is obviously free to make mistakes, although not being able to think this through to the very end obviously had its own consequences, the ones Riot did not expect to happen. But they did, and so let's throw a percentage of guiltiness on Riot. Just a percentage. For not being able to think this through enough and giving such options for players to use in their own advantage. Riot should have known better, period. Looking at this morally, the guys **did** do something wrong. While not using anything directly to harm others, they certainly not only defeated the game purpose of having fun in whatever game mode, but they definitely made the other team to **surrender**, which is unfair, absolutely unfair. Now, before we jump into conclusions and blame it all on these guys, let's not forget whose fault this **actually is**. If Riot had done something about this game mode long before all of this happened, we wouldn't be seeing this incident occur nor would there be any punishments. Let's not forget how the enemy team had no option to buy the items, which is also a part of Riot's fault, let's be real, and i will repeat once again, **they. had. no. option. to. die. and. get. items!** Now, that blame should be directed at whoever made the game mode like this. The example of why i think it's Rioters fault the most would be two parents leaving their children to play on the playground, carelessly not paying attention to their actions and leaving them to pick on a fight. Whose here to blame? Obviously, parents. This same example could be applied to bigger and older kids as well, even adults. Now, before you all go on a spree and down - vote my thread (which you have a right to do), lemme' remind you that i am not "against" Riot, i am just trying to find justice in all of this, this incident as we could call it to be like. Final thoughts on all of this : Even if we forget mistakes of both parties, one should definitely not be given a punishment without a warning. The guys didn't even know if this was punishable or not, and to just ask Rioters would sound a bit weird to me, personally, as it's considered a strategic move, not a trolling one. There you go. Feel free to disagree or agree with my thoughts, i am just trying to defend something which i think is righteous, even if we look at it from a moral side, they should have been given at least a warning! {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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