Bad behaviour causing bad behaviour

Ever happened something to you like that: You play a game, not everything is going fine, but thats okay. You see this mechanically good player on your team and politely suggest something. He replies: "go and %%%% your ugly whore mother you trash talking refugee %%%ot". Happened to me one of the last games with a tryndamere. Btw, allow nameshaming. Everyone that is against it, is one of those guys in the example above. What's wrong about calling out those people? They're poisoning the game and everyone else. I think one of the main reasons about the huge frustration among the players come from this "I HAVE to be better than someone like this." And if they're not, because they lose or something, it just bugs you. And the worst part about it is - you might be the smarter one, but all you got from it are disadvantages. You lose LP, you lose nerves and therefore you lose the will be kind yourself. Edit: I would gladly volunteer for an ingame judge that instantly permabans for that behaviour.
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