Careful with what you say to people as you never know who might be struggling outside of the game

I just played a game of ARAM where I had Ezreal and my premade friend had Karthus. And just a quick disclaimer, I said nothing in the game chat for the entirety of the match, not to my team or in all chat. And by the end of the match, we were pushing for the Nexus, I solo killed the enemy Kayle, who then proceeded to call me a loser and a piece of shit cheater, out of anger I assume, but I let that slide since she was losing and couldn't handle it. Okay, the game ends and I just respond in the post-game chat by saying "I guess you're the one who ended up with the L ;D" and that was it. She then responds by telling me "i hope you choke to death" and "I hope you end up burying your children", to which I just replied with "xD", reported her for Negative and Abusive. But it got me thinking how you have no idea who is behind that screen playing the game and since depression is on such a high right now, there's a chance you actually might trigger something very negative or self-destructive in someone and that's the last thing we want. The reality is that people with all kinds of disabilities or mental struggles play this game and it is a safe haven for a lot of them, it makes them happy when they play their favourite game. And then this one person comes along and tells them to harm themselves and wishes they were dead or that their family members would die. And that's just beyond unacceptable. The reality also is that a lot of people don't use /mute all because they actually believe that they will meet kind-hearted people, which does happen more often than not and they enjoy the company of random players, enjoying the game together, so saying "just mute all every game and gg" really doesn't solve anything, it just removes the opportunity to have a fun interaction with someone on either team. The bottom line is, mental health is a serious thing and I do hope that people who tend to rage at their opponents or allies rethink their approach to playing the game as they could one day say something so hurtful or just say the wrong thing that would push someone on either team over the edge, which I do not wish would happen to anyone, but I am sure it does happen. We just don't read about it as there is no one to tell the story, they just stop playing the game and that's it. Thanks for reading this and have a wonderful night.
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