I got Perma-banned on my smurf.

This isnt one of those things with a toxic kid crying about wanting to get unbanned. This is just a story and warning to others. Once upon a time, a nice little boy sick of playing in bronze elo on his main account (yes i'm bronze) decided to buy a lvl 30 league of legends account to have a fresh start with ranked. I bought the account off ebay (Level 30 account-a bunch of ip) and I bought AD runes and I started spamming jungle in ranked until I was Silver 2. Then some things happened in my life so I had to stop playing league for a while. And now (7 months after I bought and played with the account) I try to open it to get back into that ranked goodness and it tells me that the account has been permabanned because it was leveled up by bots. First of all, I didn't even know that buying accounts wasn't allowed.Riot, No one is gunna read your ToS. xD I'm not too disappointed about the ban though cuz I didn't have anything on the account except for 16 champs and my rank. The moral of this story and my advice to anyone reading this, Don't buy accounts off E-bay/amazon/whatever because riot games may strike and permaban you at any time. No Hate on riot btw amazing company I just did something wrong. ( it would be nice if you guys unbanned me though *wink wink*) Good Day everyone, and thanks for reading :D

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