14 days ban

Game 1 roel5551: hold on roel5551: im tipsy or drunk. roel5551: ^^^ lol roel5551: ty roel5551: mid pls. roel5551: dont die??? roel5551: git gut??? roel5551: wow you almost lost roel5551: im drunkn brtw roel5551: gg this is lost roel5551: 10/10 randoms roel5551: you bad roel5551: no im 2/2 roel5551: you're 0/2 roel5551: don't need to help if you werent as bad roel5551: lol roel5551: vladimir???? roel5551: 0/6 botlane roel5551: 0/3 roel5551: so why you die? roel5551: if you know he is gonna gank? roel5551: udyr is tier 2 jungeler atm roel5551: luckily we have a support with a sightstone!. roel5551: cuz of you guys roel5551: we did not feed roel5551: and we are the problem we lost??? roel5551: can you talk %%%%ing englihs you turk roel5551: english* roel5551: 0/3 roel5551: 0/4* roel5551: 0/4 roel5551: you dont have an assist roel5551: so how can i ks? roel5551: stupid %%%%%% roel5551: you are support roel5551: and dont have a sighstone roel5551: dont talk roel5551: LOL roel5551: you know im righ you nigge roel5551: the funny thing is your ks'ed roel5551: im drunk and i play better roel5551: lol roel5551: gg wp lol roel5551: just end roel5551: olaf survived because he had an actueal support roel5551: i did not ks roel5551: none of you had assists on my kills. roel5551: only once Game 2 roel5551: ??? roel5551: why are saying this about yourself? roel5551: cuz you have no family to love you roel5551: mussolini roel5551: stop pushing roel5551: no shit nigge roel5551: %%%%%% roel5551: %%%%%%* roel5551: DIE %%%%%%. roel5551: lynch your family lol roel5551: nice lucian build %%%%%% roel5551: lollol I got banned for this , probably for saying ''%%%%%%'' a lot , of course I understand that it is a sensitive word but I was drunk (still abit)and did not know what I was saying , and I think 14 day ban is a little bit to harsh , maybe a 14 days game mute would have sufficed
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