I just got banned for 14 days unfairly. A quick,brief history of what happened: Our picks: -Mid Riven(Me) -Jungle Qiyana -Top-ish...Swian and Fiddlesticks -Bot Varus -Support-ish Fiddlesticks The game was going well,if I believe Qiyana was doing good she was ahead. Varus stated at the beginning of the game he'll go AFK for 5 minutes and then come back,as you'll see from my logs I didn't say nothing. I understand people have problems in real life,he could have left the game for all I care,no problems here. The problem began when Varus didn't go AFK,he came mid after he died two or three times and if I'm not mistake he blamed on Fiddlesticks who came mid for a short while,I didn't say anything to him I just questioned why does he troll me,he left pretty quickly. After 1 or 2 minutes,Varus comes MID after Fiddle left,and starts to give my opponent TF 2 kills,he doesn't say nothing,I asked him the same thing I asked Fiddlesticks,but he just remained silent. After the 2 deaths,Varus started harassing Qiyana for whatever reason,and calls for FF and acts as nothing has happened. I started getting tilted after he picked a kill that I worked on with Swain(who btw I think these 2 were premades and were doing it on purpose,trolling I mean to get reaction),he just simply Q for the last hit. I know I did wrong here by overreacting,but I didn't insult him or anything,I just told him to stop trolling(he started playing off lane,doing whatever),and then he and Swain started teasing me for playing Riven and telling me I have issues,and even Fiddlesticks and Qiyana acknowledged that they were toxic,as they were flaming ,before me, Qiyana and Fiddle and started on me after they were done with them. Here's the chat logs of mine. Game 1 Pre-Game Duckyfer: they added pyke to make support more Duckyfer: appealing Duckyfer: they %%%%ed it up Duckyfer: I don't like bot cause of Pyke Duckyfer: gtfo Duckyfer: no In-Game Duckyfer: no Duckyfer: way Duckyfer: they reduced Riven's E scaling? Duckyfer: it doesnt scale with base ad Duckyfer: or obtained ad Duckyfer: can u please Duckyfer: not troll me Duckyfer: i didnt do nothing to you Duckyfer: WHY? Duckyfer: are u like this Duckyfer: whats your issue Duckyfer: im dobe Duckyfer: with u Duckyfer: im done with u Duckyfer: why Duckyfer: DO U Duckyfer: jump in 2 of them Duckyfer: im done with you Duckyfer: how is he Duckyfer: ahead of me Duckyfer: ok Duckyfer: reported Duckyfer: trollimh! Duckyfer: DSTOP Duckyfer: trolling Duckyfer: i need Duckyfer: the kills Duckyfer: nv, Duckyfer: ff at 15 Duckyfer: idc Duckyfer: AFK Duckyfer: you were mid Duckyfer: u %%%%ed my lane Duckyfer: i am %%%%ed Duckyfer: if riven is behind Duckyfer: there aint no Duckyfer: %%%%ing late 4 me Duckyfer: WHY Duckyfer: ARE U EVEN ALLOWED ON THE INTERNET Duckyfer: I dont understand Duckyfer: u do it on purpose Duckyfer: u piece of shit Duckyfer: you came mid Duckyfer: u gave Duckyfer: this failedf abortiin (directed to Twisted Fate,not in /all ) Duckyfer: his 2 kills Duckyfer: and fcked my lane Duckyfer: ty very much Duckyfer: yea Duckyfer: a big one Duckyfer: its u Duckyfer: fck off Duckyfer: k get Duckyfer: %%%%ing cander Duckyfer: that u deserve Duckyfer: dont bro Duckyfer: me Duckyfer: u dont jave brois Duckyfer: u no life losers Duckyfer: u and this dude Duckyfer: are salt miners Duckyfer: can u fiddle and qiyana report these 2? Duckyfer: they're clearly doing it on purpose Duckyfer: trolling just to get some sadistic satisfaction Duckyfer: I hope you won't get jobs or social lives Duckyfer: cause suicides rates would increase Duckyfer: yea u sick %%%% Duckyfer: i play riven Duckyfer: idk fiddle Post-Game Duckyfer: please report Swian and Varus Duckyfer: int trolling Duckyfer: just to tilt us Duckyfer: to get off their sadistic needs
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