[Discussion] Is homophobia punished enough in League of Legends?

Hi, This is my first time posting in the forum and I wanted to start a discussion between players on a topic that I personally have a strong opinion on. I'm gay, it's not something that I go talking about. My username doesn't say it, I don't start a game by saying "Hi, my name's Joe and I'm gay" I start the game like every other League player and attempt to enjoy my games. However, more recently over the past 2-months or so I've personally experienced more homophobic attacks than I care to count. I'm talking 15+? I'd like to think as myself as a pretty chilled player. I've never received any game bans, chat bans, and try to make use of the feedback system honouring players when I can as I'd like to think they did to me. If someone in a game uses the phrases such as "Gay" or "%%%" (or the extended one of that which I wont post) I make it my business to ask them kindly not to use homophobic comments. Not in a nasty, aggressive way, just a calm "Please don't use that hate language..." or something along those lines. In more extreme cases, people have said things such as: * "F*cking F*ggot go jump off a cliff" * "Gay pr*ck" * "Stupid %%%" Of course, as any person would do, I use the report system at the end of the game to report such people. However, 9/10 I never receive any notification informing me that an instant feedback ban has been applied. I don't think anyone should get away with saying the phrases above. I don't even think people should get a second chance. Some of the things that are said to myself are truly disgusting. We all get competitive at times, but that doesn't give anyone the right to insult people based on sexual-orientation. I know some of you might say "You don't always get a notification", but to me, that notification is proof that justice has been given. To me that notification tells me that the person saying that phrase is going to think twice in the future before saying it again. I play League to escape this hate. I get enough of it in real life. I really wish more was done to inform people like myself that things like this aren't tolerated and don't go unpunished. What's everyone else's opinions on this? **This isn't a discussion on whether homosexuality is right or wrong - whether it is or isn't is irrelevant; hate speech is wrong. Period.**

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