People value their life more than nexus

okay so.... i noticed people doing this almost every game and it just makes me confused beyond any point. Lets make scenario: A game, 2 inhibs down 2 nexus turrets down, a single player.... idk Feed garen is trying to kill the nexus alone, rest of team dead or far away enemyes are 2 alive, and instead of getting there and doing anything to protect their nexus, they are Afraid to leave the base, cuz they might die to him.... WHAT?? your nexus is about to die, what point is staying alive if the game isnt gonna exist anymore becuase you will lose, go and try to defend it for crying out loud. I notice this almost every game where i queue up and the winning push isnt an overwhelming win or a surrender, and it just makes me hella confused beyond any point Or even like 3 people are pushing the nexus, and 4 people alive on enemy team, they are afraid to leave base cuz they might die..... i mean... so?? ur gonna lose the game in the next 15 seconds cuz ur nexus dies, what point is being alive in spawn?? get out there and try to defend it i mean maybe im crazy, correct me if im wrong but.... what is the point of not dying if ur nexus dies, just makes me hella confused like i understand a scenario where 1 person is alive and 4 are pushing nexus, ofc what r u gonna do, but im talking about scenarios where the numbers are even or even in favour of the team whos nexus is being pushed.... am i crazy or is this weird to anyone else?

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