What to do in such a situation?

Just had a ranked game where I was Top lane (my first choice), and another player was Bot. He asked me if I wanted to go botlane so he could play top. I told him I cannot play Botlane, and do not want to switch. He banned my champion immidiately. He picked renekton. I picked Irelia. Told me it would be duo top. In game, people start flaming me for not taking an adc because Renekton was trolling (they expectedme to switch with him, even when I said no before). Decided to run it down (I know, stupid, but at some point you've had enough) as Renekton kept being disrespectful. Renekton got fed bot (they were superbad). After some time I started playing again. and we won the game. I still did more damage than our mid lane. Consequence: I get a 14 days suspension. How can someone like this not get banned? I've reported people like this so many times and nothing happens. When you lose your mind and fight them back, you immidiately get the ban hammer. What am I supposed to do? Let the people with the biggest mouth get your position and let them walk all over you? How do you deal with this? I'm getting incredibly frustrated as it is happening more and more. Can't dodge a promo either.
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