How do you play League of Legends?

I just had 3 games in a row with an AFK. I was playing ADC all three of these games, first game THRESH is AFK, Second game Nami is AFK/ disconnecting every minute.... this game I actually tried very hard to carry and even though other people were giving up I still tried to win the game. Camille was feeding 0/12 but I was still being positive. Third game, my jungle couldnt handle it and he AFK'd. These are three games in a row with AFKs, Surprise: Fourth Game - I decided to play Jungle because a duo lane is SO unreliable.... guess what? I am doing well and have a nice lead with drakes and ganks until my top lane starts to clear my entire top jungle just barely several minutes into the game. So guys, how exactly do you play this game?
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