"Easy", yay or nay?

Hey guys... some time ago I decided I would change my attitude regarding the game, and I've taken big steps, my flame ratio / chat restriction ratio I think has dropped significantly... during this time I started taking also steps to sorta "punish" the flamers (and what more) on my own. So basically whenever someone of the other team is flaming or talking shit in chat to our team, I will try to play more focussed on purpose to try and win the game the best I can and hammer "easy" in chat when the game is won, yes, just to make them feel even worse. I'm doing this from experience, the way I felt I think has made me a better player whenever I read that "easy" after I started flaming other players. But do you think I'm still doing wrong, or maybe I'm still doing wrong, but in a way they deserve it? or something? should I stop?

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